Concert Night

I’m going to my first concert in a few months tonight. I’m checking out Big Wreck and Sloan. They are two pretty solid mainstream Canadian bands. I think Big Wreck had a little bit of success in the states in the late 90s. They still get a lot of airplay in Canada, but musicians struggle a lot more in Canada if they can’t break in to the American market. Sloan is actually the headliner in this show which shocks me, but they have been around longer so they may have more than a following. They’ve been together since 1991 and they’re still the same 4 guys. Which is something that can pretty much only be done in Canada.

I can’t say that I’m really a huge fan of each band, but so few bands come through here that I figured they were both worth seeing for 50 bucks. Especially when you can’t see any big headlining act for less than a hundred anymore and plus I’d have to travel 2 hours to see them.

Have you heard of either of these bands? What are you doing this weekend?