Dominic Monaghan Joins Episode IX

Dominic Monaghan has been added to Episode IX.  Its a move that reunites him with JJ Abrams once again. Monaghan is known most for his role as Charlie on JJ’s TV show LOST. He also had a role in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He also looks a little bit like a monkey because his ears stick out amazingly far from his head.

Its no surprise, but there is no word on who Monaghan will be playing. Back when JJ was announced as the director of The Force Awakens Monaghan expressed interest in joining the Star Wars galaxy. It didn’t happen that time, but I guess JJ was able to find a spot for him this time.

Since I made that comment about his ears I probably should’ve chosen a better photo. Here’s a better one.


See? Look how far out they go.