Pickle addiction.

Hey TGO,  just wanted to take a moment to talk about a serious ongoing issue in the artist community, pickle addiction. Since the dawn of time 300 years ago, mankind  has always used mind altering plants to enhance their perception of reality. This is even more true in the artistic community.

Recently I have heard a lot of talk of discriminatory practices against popular young modern artists in relation to their substance abuse. Pickles in particular. I myself have a serious addiction to hot and zesty pickles. It has become so bad I add my own red pepper to the already hot  and zesty pickles.


Hopefully, someday,  pickle addiction will be recognized for its contribution to the arts and the day will come that no artist or artistic type or even autistic person will have to endure strange looks or the occasional stink eye from a property  owner who has seen their commissioned artist eat pickles (and olives) out of their refrigerator on closed circuit television.

Help this day come TGO!!!

Peace out.