How far have you ever driven in 1 sitting?

I’ve been driving a lot for work this past two months. 100km here, 100km there. No big deal. Today though I had to drive right to the bottom left edge of Whiskey Potato, do a loop and come back home. Below is a map:


I clocked the distance at 580km (that’s 972 miles for you imperial folks out there).
Now I live in a small country. You can’t swing a cat in WP without hitting someone you know, but goddamn that was a long drive.

Really long. Hard too.

I was just stuck in the same position all day, no choice but to sit back and ride it out. Super tough on my ass. No way was I ready for that kind of punishment.


Anyway I want to ask all the TGO’ers from bigger countries what kind of brutal mileage they’ve undertaken on their bodies? Chances are it’s more than me, but my delicate leprechaun frame isn’t built for high-octane action like our ol’ pal Snake here…