Loser of the Day: Gary Mabbutt

I’m not a soccer fan, so former soccer player Gary Mabbutt is not someone who is the least bit familiar to me, but he had a rough time recently when his foot was eaten by a rat while he was on vacation in South Africa.

Mabbutt has type 1 diabetes so he had very little feeling in his feet so a rat was able to eat the whole bottom of his foot without him even waking up. He didn’t realize that his foot had been eaten until the rat chose to bite his thumb next. His daughter had been bitten in her sleep earlier in the night, but when they were unable to find the source of the bite they went back to sleep.

Mabbutt had to get emergency surgery and spent a week in hospital. He still needs to have daily treatment on his foot in the hospital.

This is a story like none I’ve heard before. This makes Gary Mabbutt our loser of the day.