Leave it to the folks over in Japan. They are true innovators over there. There is this adult disposable male masturbation device similar to the Fleshlight called Tenga.


The advantage of the Tenga is obviously price….but not really.  The basic model goes for 8 bucks. Fancier models go for a little bit more. You bang it and toss it basically. One and done. If you ask me though 8 bucks to jerk off once seems a bit pricey for most guys. The Fleshlight is more pricey but they claim with proper care it will last a lifetime. So I’m not sure who Tenga is trying to market their devices for to be honest.

But what is even weirder and way more wonderful than disposable jerk off tubes is what the Japanese have done.

Yup they have turned them into cute adorable robots. Because why not.


A real life toy of a sex toy. Something to get the kids maybe?


Well who wouldn’t want a toy of their favorite sex toy? Those Japanese people are really clever people. Maybe this trend will catch on with other adult toys as well who knows.

Fleshlight has come up with some weird stuff….


Frankenstein models…


Zombie mouths……they got some really weird models out there. But no robot model yet.


I think the Tengabot could be the next big Christmas toy everyone wants. So don’t wait to order yours. Order yours now before they all sell out for the holidays.

Are robot sex toys the future of toys?

Did you have any cool sex toys you grew up playing with?