Rian Johnson’s Next Movie Will Be “Knives Out”

It was announced today that Rian Johnson is actually going to have one more film under his belt before his new Star Wars trilogy. It is supposedly being shopped during the Toronto International Film Festival going on right now. The film is titled Knives Out and it will feature Daniel Craig in the lead role. Now that the 25th Bond film is delayed Craig was able to join this project and wrap filming before production on Bond 25 begins.

The film is said to be a murder mystery with a classic whodunit feel. Johnson admits that he’s been a huge Agatha Christie fan since he was a teenager and has always considered developing his own murder mystery. He already had some success in the detective/noir genre with his first movie Brick. The project is expected to start a bidding war at the film festival.

So who knows what this will mean for Johnson’s new trilogy. Knives Out is likely to begin production this November and it could be possible that he is working on his Star Wars scripts and this movie concurrently. I’m sure this news will spawn lots of speculation that Johnson is not doing his new trilogy.