I went behind the scenes to interview many people in Bulgingsnake’s inner circles to get to the real truth behind Bulge and how he governs. He so far has gone to Twitter to deny any of it of course.



Here are a few quotes from my award winning book…

“Rockmomster worked behind the scenes to try to derail many of Bulges impulsive ideas. Though with little effect as he would still find a way to mange to do them anyways. “

“My little chicken is a baby still. Your like a baby who needs to be changed. When are you going to woman up and be a woman and sit on the toilet?”

“Real power is–I don’t even want to use the word–dong”

“I realized,” Rockmomster said later, “I’m the adult, he’s the manchild.” 

“If we can’t get more dong action going in this world I’m going to have to play more video games to get the answers.”

“When Bulgingsnake brought up rape on TGO Bob called him and told him that talking about rape would would turn away many leftist people who get offended by such talk. He then pointed at Bulgingsnake at work to further make his point.”