This is just not like Ray. I feel worried inside and feel like something bad may have happened to him. Was he kidnapped? Did ISIS get to him? Did Bob move into his home and kick Ray out? I know Bob has been planning to do that. Maybe Ray moved to Iceland to sell ice on the internet—something I was planning on doing so he better not have taken my idea. Did Ray join the priesthood? Insert priest joke here___________________. Did he open a porcelain doll shop and has just been too busy for us? God I hope not. Porcelain dolls are important but are they more important then TGO? It’s a close call but I think TGO just nudges those dolls by a doll hair. Now if he was selling Cabbage Patch Kids well that would be more important but I don’t think he is doing that. Maybe the mob finally promoted him to a captain. Will Bob Woodword reveal all in his next book? Can we wait that long? The truth has to come out sooner not later the nation depends on it.