Every year we get a hurricane and every year people are warned and told to leave. Yet every year ever time hundreds of people ignore these warnings for several reasons. One they don’t think the storm will be that bad despite everyone saying otherwise. Two they feel they need to guard their home from looters who apparently are very brave and have a boat. If I’m going to loot I’m going to loot a store not someone’s house but I guess there are a few brave stupid looters out there but not that many and I certainly wouldn’t risk my life fighting them off to protect my crap when no police are around. And the third reason they think they can protect their home from the storm itself some how.

In all cases these brave stupid people find out they need to be saved because their house is slowly being flooded and they had no plan for this despite being told it would happen a week ago. I wonder how that call goes.

Idiot: Hi my house is flooding can someone come get me?

Operator: Sir are you in the red zone that was told over a week ago to leave because you would see flooding and high wind in your area?

Idiot: Yes I was told to leave about a week ago and a policeman came to my house a few days ago and told me to leave.

Operator: So you admit you knew this was going to happen yet you did nothing?

Idiot: Yes well I thought everything would be ok but everything is not ok.

Operator: Sir what were you thinking?

Idiot: I thought the storm might go around me. But if it didn’t I figured I’d stay here and guard everything.

Operator: Sir had you left a week ago you could have gotten a small trailer or U-hall and taken those few prized possessions with you to a safe place. We come get you you will have to leave all those things behind that you can’t carry with you.

Idiot: Well maybe I should just stay here then I guess. I can’t leave my stuff behind.

Operator: Your stuff is going to get destroyed as the water rises anyways you mine as well let us come save you.

Idiot: When can you come get me?

Operator: That is hard to say because there are about a 1000 other idiots like you we have to come get so it could be a few days. Go upstairs or on your roof if you have to and we will get you when we can.