Jon Kasdan Talks About A Potential Solo Sequel

Jon Kasdan is a guy that I’m glad to have involved in the Star Wars universe. The screenwriter of Solo just seems to enjoy talking about the Star Wars galaxy and seems to be as big of a fan as anyone. He did some posting on Twitter adding some little facts about the production of Solo for fans amusement. He included a comment about a potential sequel.

There are 53 factoids included and if you want to see them all just click on the tweet. Here was what he said about a sequel to Solo. Which is obviously sounds like he would like to do. Check out number 52.


I’d love to see Jon Kasdan get another kick at the can as a Star Wars writer. It may not be in a Solo sequel, but I would say that he may be more invested in the Star Wars galaxy than the average bear. There is something self assuring when you know that the Star Wars galaxy is in the hands of a fan.