Do You Masturbate At Work?

According to a recent survey, 39% of people jack off at work. The data shows that the jackers are spread out across all demographics. Gay, straight, black, white, men and women, all take a little time out of their day to pleasure themselves.

One worker said masturbation helps relieve hangover symptoms. Science has proven that orgasms release hormones and endorphins that lower cortisol (a stress causing endorphin).

It also causes a sense of self-confidence. Doctors have gone as far as suggesting that whack-off breaks become standard at work, replacing the traditional smoke break.

Do you make time to spank your crank at work?

Does it make you a porn star if you’re getting paid to cum?

Do you prefer the handicap stall for more elbow room?

Do you use your spank bank, or cellphone to climax?