Albums That Aged Well

Not everything I liked as a youth has stood the test of time but Sittin’ Fat Down South has aged like fine wine.




Sittin Fat Down South released 1998. I didn’t get my hands on this album until 2002 or so. My cousins boyfriend let me have some of his old CDs. There was nothing cooler than riding around with the older kids listening to “wanna be a baller”. That song is insanely powerful. The lyrics are smooth and resonate with almost every youth. This song has been the source of countless memes and references:


..and it isn’t even the best song on the album. What makes this album ageless? DAC said it best when he sang “Boy, can you make folks feel what you feel inside?” Good music makes you feel what they feel.

Lil Troy takes you right the fuck to Texas in a hot hurry.


“Small Time” just try listening to it without smiling and feeling good. From the opening vocals, a powerful “AhhhhhhhhhhAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” instantly charged. Followed by lyrics about playing the game getting fucked over by friends and still making it despite the odds. Uplifting every single time. How do you know you have made it…really made it in this life? When you can take care of your mother: “Tell my momma she don’t have to work no mo I pay the bills by the flow from the studio


“Ain’t No Luv (for a young g)” this track is fantastic he describes the greed, the paranoia, and the struggles associated with living in poverty. Lil troy makes you feel the loneliness that comes with being a hustler “in this game my homies turn to haters too” and “HPD wanna follow me and search my ride” because when you’re getting fucked from every side you can begin to see how things can turn desperate..


“Still a bitch in my book” CLASSIC cheating song.

Expertly fitting in with every tear in your beer country Texas cheating song ever made.

Hilarious lyrics.  “I met her in a bar outside a little part of Texas Never know she’s sleepin round on me I found about it one night when we were sexing Cause she accidentally called me Gee” FBT also he goes on to describe how he is going to beat and slap every fucking whore/tramp/hoe he meets. Does Lil Troy really beat women should we be enraged at the violent misogyny in rap music? Nah.. Let’s just take it as an artist in pain lamenting the frustrations of being cheated on.


“Where’s the love”  a sweet song featuring talent like Willie D to use those purring deep vocals that make you believe every word said and Ardis adding a bit of humor about the jealousy that comes from being a female with frenemies “Don’t listen to your friends about me cheatin they don’t know that your best friend want me tell that hoe that for show that”   FBT


This album is gold and even 20 years later it is relatable relevant and just plain fun to listen to.