It’s always sunny in Sarasota – transgender edition

Okay so… I’m all for equality, however, the Sarasota Board of Ed. Is setting itself up for some issues. They recently made it okay for students to use the bathrooms, lock rooms, and pronouns of their choosing. There will be a one stall bathroom for privacy, but no student is required to use it. They may use the bathrooms or locker rooms of their chosen gender. This includes any over night school trips too. Now, this would be okay if there had to be some evidence as proof that the kids were in deed in transition.. perhaps a signature from their parents. NoPE! Not in Sarasota. To qualify you must consistently claim that you are what you prefer. That’s all. That seems pretty easy to abuse when a teenage boy will do anything to be in a room of half naked teenage girls. The parents have no say in it according to the official board of education document released this week.

Do you think this is a good idea? I think teen pregnancies are about to go up in Sarasota county.