The Mandalorian Set Has Been Robbed

An interesting story about the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian broke yesterday evening. It turns out that the show’s set in Calfornia was robbed. The things that were stolen were mostly camera equipment, but its believed that a data card holding information about the show may be missing as well. This robbery could possibly leak to some leaks.

Its weird to think that a Star Wars set could be robbed, but I suppose less money can be spent on a TV show in order to keep secrets out because the budgets just aren’t as big. We’ve already seen a few set photos.

Its been said that this missing data card only includes information from the show and not the other potential projects that Lucasfilm may have in the pipeline, but we may learn more if any footage from the card does end up leaking, which it may or may not. If does end up leaking it will be unfortunate because there is a possibility that if spoilers leak out then the writers may have to take a different direction with the story in order to keep surprises in tact. For now police are investigating.

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