Ron Howard Open To Return to Star Wars

In my opinion Ron Howard’s effort with Solo earn him a pat on the back. He came in when the production was on thin ice and was able to make a pretty solid movie in a short amount of time since he basically had to reshoot the whole movie. I’m sure Howard was paid very well for his time since Disney and Lucasfilm were likely very desperate at the time.

In an interview with Metro Howard agreed that he’d be up to return to Star Wars if he was interested in the project. Obviously the disappointing box office had nothing to do with his effort in the directors chair and it seems like most of the people who took time to see the movie were impressed with it.

Ron also mentioned that he is living vicariously through his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard right now since she was hired as a director of The Mandalorian. I’ve been wondering if her hiring was one his terms when he agreed to direct Solo.

If Ron Howard was up for coming back I wouldn’t mind. He’s a director that doesn’t write any of his projects and his directorial efforts are generally pretty good, so if his films are weaker a lot of them are because of the script. If my opinion matters at all to you I feel if Lucasfilm is going to continue on a path of making films that aren’t going to challenge the audience and are just out to have fun then Howard should definitely come back, but if their goal is subvert expectations and explore new territory then he’s probably not the right fit.

Ron Howard is an a-list director, one of few and he’ll continue to have lots of success without Star Wars or with it. He’s got the power to do what he wants.

Would you be up for seeing Ron Howard direct another Star Wars movie?