Why This Cassian Andor Series is an Awesome Idea

When the news about the new Cassian Andor series broke last night I had to write the whole post out on my phone so I kept it pretty short. I’m not very good with the WordPress app and my computer at home is a piece of shit. So I thought I’d take a second to talk about more about how much I love this idea.

I love Rogue One but one of the criticisms of the story was that the characters were a bit underserved. Cassian was one of those characters that were thrown into that group as a character with potential, then when he died at the end of the film along with the rest of the crew I guess most of us assumed that he’d be done for good.

Cassian is a Star Wars character like none we’ve seen in live action before. He’s a part of the Rebellion but more of an anti-hero overall. Its apparent almost immediately when he shoots the guy in the back in the alley at the start of Rogue One. He seems to be a character who is important in the Rebellion because he does what needs to be done even if it means killing someone who will do nothing but hold him back. Star Wars Rebels focused on the same era, but it was an animated show so it wasn’t able to capture the dark times that surrounded the forming of the Rebellion. Cassian is the perfect character to fit that story.

He says in the film that he was in the fight since he was six. Then in the novelization it was revealed that Cassian was actually a Separatist during the Clone Wars era and grew up hating the Jedi. The Republic sort of shifted into the Empire and so few people were aware that Palpatine was playing both sides. So Cassian became a part of the Rebellion which was now the underdog.

A Cassian series also leaves the possibility open that we can see other important characters. My guess is that K2-S0 will be back, whether he’s a part of it from the start or later on. Mon Mothma, General Dodonna, Bail Organa, Enfys Nest and maybe even Saw Gerrera could possibly appear as well and I’m sure there will be some new characters in the mix as well.

Not only do I think this series is a great idea, I’m guessing it won’t be the only series revolving around an existing character from films. The Disney service (now going by the name DisneyPlus) has already revealed that there are several series in development. A High Fidelity series, a Monsters Inc series, and there is plenty of MCU shows coming. Including a Scarlet Witch show, a Loki show and a team up series featuring Falcon and The Winter Soldier. All of these shows are expected to bring the original performers back. It was confirmed that Tom Hiddleston would be back to play Loki on the same phone call that the Andor was announced.

So, my guess is we see more Star Wars characters get their own show. I’m going to make a guess on the next series that is announced. I obviously have no inside information, I’m a Canadian with too much time on his hands, but my guess is we see a Qi’ra series announced within a year or so. Then we’ll explore the crime world that was teased at the end of Solo and we’ll probably see Darth Maul soon. Since we’ll probably not get to see that in a film. With Game Thrones coming to an end soon its likely that Emilia Clarke will be free.

The Andor series is set to start production next year. I’m more excited for this than I am for The Mandalorian

Disney has launched a placeholder website for Disney+ when you can subscribe for email updates. Here’s the link.