Stephen Muthafuggin Curry

Every time I see this dude in the headlines it is POSITIVE. Now he is making nice with some little girl? HOW SWEET IS THAT!? He comes off as a decent relatable human being.

The athlete we need, not the one we deserve.


One of my favorite stories about him is how NIKE FUCKED UP BIG TIME and lost Curry to Under Armour.


Nike pretty much HAD Stephen Curry but when they presented to this guy it was an epic failure.




They called him the wrong name Stef-on (FBT) and presented him with a slide shit show –Kevin Durant leftovers. It takes about 1 minute to replace a name on a slide show yet they couldn’t even be bothered to do that.


Losing Curry is not a devastating blow to Nike, but it does help Under Armour continue to carve out the market share:


Hubris and laziness don’t pay not even when you’re a multi billion dollar company.

Keep on yer toes Nike!