Stephen Root; the guy that has been in everything

I thought I’d latch on to (steal) Autumn’s award winning idea of doing articles on Steves. Today, folks, Uncle Steve’s gonna talk about Actor Stephen Root. I’ve never seen him in a lead role, but he pops up everywhere. IMBD shows his earliest credited role as DEA Agent (Toilet).


I don’t recall having seen this, but it looks like Crocodile Mick Dundee is gonna get his fuck on.

Stephen Root has been in several Coen Brothers’ films, including O Brother Where Art ThouNo Country for Old MenLadykillers and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

He was the Judge in Idiocracy, and voiced Bill on King of the Hill , who once proclaimed that not only had he made most of his life decisions at a Foghat concert, but that he stood by them.


What’s your favorite Stephen Root role?