Third Thrawn Book is Coming

A third book featuring Grand Admiral Thrawn has been announced thanks to The Star Wars Show yesterday. Thrawn: Treason is Timothy Zahn’s third novel since returning to Star Wars after the dissolving of the Extended Universe.

Treason will take place during season 4 of Star Wars: Rebels when Thrawn will have his allegiance to the Empire tested when he is torn between the Empire and the Chiss Ascendancy. Thrawn’s sidekick Eli Vanto will return after he disappeared for the second book Thrawn: Alliances.

I’m pretty mixed on Thrawn since he came into new canon. I’ve read the original Thrawn trilogy from the EU and really enjoyed it, but when Thrawn is at the forefront it can turn a story into a pretty slow burn. Even when he was paired with Vader in Thrawn: Alliances I found it to be a bit of a boring read.

If the book takes place during season 4 of Rebels its likely to mean that Thrawn will not betray the Empire because his fate at the end of Rebels has to remain in tact. My guess is that this is the last Thrawn book we see in the Original trilogy era and a fourth book, that will come out after Episode IX will show how Thrawn effects the sequel trilogy era.

Anyway, I’m not that excited for this since I’ve been sort of let down by the other Thrawn books. Maybe it will redeem the series.