TGO Exclusive Interview

TGO Interviews that kid in the background of his moms sexy selfies

TGO: Hey Kid From Selfie thanks for agreeing to an exclusive TGO interview!

KFS: No problem thanks for that 20$ Steam Card!

TGO: So you’ve appeared in a few of your moms half nude selfies, how is that?

KFS: I’ve been in the background of my moms nude selfies for as long as I can remember most of my childhood memories are captured in that way.

TGO: That is very interesting!

KFS: Yeah my first steps were shot while my mom showed off her playboy bunny tanline sticker.

TGO: Sounds like you’ve lived a pretty sweet life!

KFS: Hell yes I have, so have a lot of kids now the Senior Baby Pics page in the school yearbook is better than ever check it out:

TGO: HOT DAMN baby pics are a lot more interesting now than when I was a kid! Don’t make too many micropurchases now ya hear?