Face The Facts

Today I want unveil a brand new segment on TGO. For this discussion I will pick a random name and Google it. Then we will learn about these people

The first name for Face The Facts is

Mark Hoffman

Mark #1

Mark Hoffman is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Automotive Engineering at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research. His research interests include: advanced compression ignition, low temperature combustion, in-cylinder heat transfer, waste heat recovery, gardening, hula hoops, and collecting feathers.

Mark once ate 3 pounds of gummy worms on a dare. But that was college. Mark is more grounded now

Mark #2

This Mark Hoffman is a graduate of The Missouri School Of Journalism. After graduating, Mark took a job at the St. Louis ABC television affiliate KDNL.

Over the next 10 years Mark worked his way up through television. Eventually landing as president of CNBC

Mark #3

This is Mark Hoffmann. He is a notorious forger and convicted murderer. In the 1980’s Mark made a fortune selling fake Mormon documents. But he lived a lavish lifestyle and spent too much money. This led him to make some mistakes and get caught. As his forgeries were made public, Mark decided to up his game. He mailed bombs to two individuals, killing them both on the same day. Mark was then injured when a bomb went off in his car. Now he lives the Utah State Prison where he enjoys sucking dong and playing chess.

I hope you enjoyed this new segment. I look forward to seeing what greatness we can find in random names in the future

Which Mark Hoffman would you like to bang most?