TGO loves butt stuff

Let’s talk about anal.

What is your favorite thing to put in your bum?

Not sure?

How about some suggestions from good ol TGO.

1. Gerbil. This is a classic! Nothing says romance like a rectum infestation!

2. Dont shoot this load! That’s more than a love gun feller!

3. Want to deodorize your back door, you can insert this can up your can with ease if you use TGO’s new product called “LubeItAll”. You can put anything in your can with LubeItAll!

4. I like an egg in the morning too… but I usually shove it in my northern hole. I bet this was hard boiled.

5. Fork it; I’ll try anything once. Twice if I liked it.

6. Candy canes taste like shit anyway…

7. Mom cant find her glasses again? Suggest she check her anus. You just never know

8. Fidget spinners are fun for all ages!

9. They say that cell phones have more fecal matter on them than most public toilets. ….proof. But hey, on a lonely Saturday go online to and check off that your interested in about 15 new cars, set your phone to vibrate, shove it up your fun hole and let the good times roll! That baby will be going off for hours!

10. This seems too small to be a beer bottle. I’m going with hot sauce on this one. Not a bad choice, smaller bottle for intermediate users.

11. A pint glass. This is another great Irish holiday tradition.

12. There’s really no need for tongs when you’re only tossing salad.. but in this case. If you get another toy stuck in your rump, give the old tongs a shot. What could it hurt? You’ve got a 50 50 chance of not going to the ER with something lodged in your ass. And hey, if the tongs get stuck at least you go to the ER like a legend.

13. How about an egg beater? I bet it’s a blast when its plugged in!

14. To infinity and beyond, he said… YOU picked beyond! That’s a Buzz Lightyear in the bum!

15. Amateur

16. Jar. This would be a great game for valentine’s day. Hey baby, I’ve got an engagement ring for you… you have to find it first.

17. Balls deep!

18. That’s a 40oz to freedom if I’ve ever seen one! Wanna feel good even though you feel bad? Wanna try some new tricks?

19. This actually isn’t even sexual. This is where we keep our spare house keys. Super convenient!

What’s your favorite thing to shove in your ass?