SHUT UP! This Song Is About Dale!

Have you ever been to a bar, had a few rounds, and your mouth starts running? Then you find yourself surrounded by some angry hicks who are going to kick your ass?

Of course you have who hasn’t. At this point you only have a couple options. Fight a group of angry drunks. Or simply yell

Everyone shut up! This song is about Dale!

If you choose to fight, good luck. If you choose the yelling, next you just casually stroll right out the door unharmed because everyone will be singing. That’s the power of Dale.

Remember, even though there are tons of songs about Dale

the song doesn’t have to actually be about Dale. If you can get people to believe you, then Billy Jean by Michael Jackson could be about Dale.

Is Dale a God where you live?

Will your neighbors kill for Dale?

Do you have a favorite song about Dale?