Everybody is always wondering what to watch on Netflix. Stuff just pops up on there and you don’t know if it is worth checking out because more then half the stuff is crappy B movies you’ve never heard of or stand up comedy. Well the Dr. is here to throw out some suggestions for you. The first movie I recommend is a horror movie called The Ritual. Let me first say that I am very vague here as the less you know going into all these movies the better.


Some buddies decide to go out on an epic hike in honor of an old friend. While hiking they stumble onto some strange cabins and other strange things out in the woods. Without saying much I can say this was a pleasant surprise once things get going. The effects and overall production on a small movie like this end up being way better than you’d expect. Not entirely original but well done for what it is.

The next strange movie on the Dr.’s list is The Endless. Compared to The Ritual this is a lower budgeted movie with some less charismatic actors. It almost has a TV feel to it.  It does start slow and is a bit clunky but don’t let all that stop you. Stick with it. It pays off.


It is about two brothers who you think are two gay guys at first until one of them finally says something like hey big brother or little bro finally letting you know what’s really going on about 10 minutes into the movie. But don’t let that ruin the movie for you. These brothers are down on their luck and decided to go visit some old friends in a camp that they spend a chunk of their teenage lives in. They come for some answers….no nobody was molested but other weird things did go on there and they stick around and finally get their answers to everything.

Last on the Dr.’s list is a movie that is getting quite a bit of buzz. Birdbox. This movie has Sandra Bulluck and John  Malkovich in it. Well acted and well directed this would be the easiest movie of the three to watch. Hence it is getting a lot of buzz.


Unlike the other two movies though this movie doesn’t tell you exactly what is happening. It does sort of but not entirely. I don’t want to say too much as like the other movies the less you know the more of a surprise it is when things start happening. Now this movie shines the best do to the acting. Bulluck and John do a great job in this one really selling you on the intensity of what is going on. All the movies here are dark movies that cross between the horror genre the thriller genre and even a little sci fi.

Now don’t get me wrong these are all B movies they are not top of the list A movies. But they are decent B movies that are a pleasant surprise. They would be like finding a cheap place to eat in a strip mall you’ve never been to before and the food was actually decent for the price. Check them out when you can.