Finally, This Year Is Over

Fuck You 2018! There I said it. I personally had one of the more trying years ever. But from those trial fires, has risen a stronger, wiser, and more focused One Mat Gang. When I suffer, I get tougher.

This year there is no midnight celebration. I want the year to be over before then. And I’m supporting my wife in her abstinence from alcohol. But that doesn’t mean I’m sitting here all stink faced. Nope. I’m celebrating rising above the shit…by getting food drunk

3/4 pound salmon w/ glaze

Cajun scallops and black beans

Shrimp scampi

Brussels sprouts

Mac and cheese

Crab stuffed mushrooms

Villain did a great year end wrap up.

I have been so busy that I didn’t see one new movie, find a new tv show, or much else. I did see some amazing live music this year. Here’s my top 3 bands I saw this year:

1-Earthless in Toronto- road trip with my wife. Saw the city. Then had my face melted by the greatest living blues/rock/Psych guitarist alive.

2-Spirit Adrift in Columbus Ohio- road trip with a good buddy. Classic metal/doom/prog band. Young kids on their first big tour. Perfect time to see a favorite band when the fire is still burning hot in their belly

Monolord In Buffalo New York- hometown show. Went alone. With a pocket full of joints. Heavy Psychedelic Doom. These Swedish metal heads sound like Black Sabbath smoked killer hash and started playing half speed. Then dropped shrooms and things get a bit spacey. This is a band you FEEL live. Not just hear. Heavy music is like a religious experience.

My album of the year is

Song on the year is off this album

Morning Song-King Buffalo

This is heady, trippy, and fun. Give it a listen.

What are you’re plans for New Years Eve?