When this kid first came on to the scene, I thought he was just another pretty boy tool-bag that couldn’t act. All his early movies felt like stupid chick flicks.

That kid matured really fucking quick, and his movie career kicks ass.


The Beach was the first DiCaprio movie that blew my socks off. I was 15 years old when I saw it in theaters.

The Beach inspired me so much, that I hitchhiked to the Florida Keys and I stayed at my uncle’s bungalow for several weeks. My parents were beyond worried and furious, I didn’t give them a heads up that I was leaving.


DiCaprio isn’t the lead guy in this movie, but goddamn he acts his balls off in it.

There are movies that deal with racist men, but DiCaprio is absolutely brilliant as an evil piece of shit.

Django Unchained had me wanting to strangle DiCaprio’s character by the end of the movie.


My younger, arrogant, extremely egotistical self could probably relate with the soul of DiCaprio’s character in this movie more than any other DiCaprio movie.

And Scorsese directed it, so enough said.


My senior High School art teacher called me up one day and demanded that I watched Catch Me If You Can. He said DiCaprio’s character in this movie was exactly like my personality.

Even though I’m a big Spielberg fan, I just wasn’t feeling the trailers, so I didn’t see the movie in theaters.

When I finally did see the movie on DvD, I thought it was awesome. Although, besides my ability to charm and manipulate people, I’m not like the character in that movie. I’m not smart enough to pull all of those criminal acts off, and I’m lazy.


Fuck me sideways, The Revenant is flippin epic!

This movie is like Jeremiah Johnson on crystal meth.


If you haven’t seen The Revenant, then you’re missing out on a cinematic masterpiece.