Cop of the Day

Canadian cops are probably a bit more incompetent than American cops because there just isn’t a lot of stuff that happens in Canada, but they also never get in trouble for shooting blacks for no reason either.

Lethbridge, Alberta has our Cop of the Day. Hitting deer is a pretty common occurrence just about anywhere in North America. There are some times where these collisions result in the deer dying or suffering. This cop showed up at the scene of a deer collision where the deer was very badly hurt and unable to move, but for some reason instead of taking out his gun and shooting the deer to put it out of his misery (that would cost the government a bullet) he decided to drive over the deer multiple times with his truck. Essentially torturing the already wounded deer.

As usual the event was caught on a phone and now the liberals want the guy fired. Here is a condensed video of the event if you want to see for yourself.