Dining Good In The Hood

It’s not often that I venture too far away from my house to go to a restaurant. But sometimes you need to get some food from the motherland.

About an hour away from my home, in a rundown neighborhood on the south side of Buffalo, you come to a baby blue building.

It looks run of the mill on the outside. But inside these doors, you get food cooked the way my German ancestors made it. Everything handmade from scratch. And featuring ingredients that have become forgotten and no longer popular in America.

The entire place is like a step back in time. It’s run by some friendly, slightly emotionally repressed German couple in their 60’s. No fake smiles and sales pitches here. It’s like your friends mom seating and serving you.

For starters I had the leberknodel. That’s liver dumpling soup. Veal liver is ground finely with onion, breadcrumbs, egg and parsley, formed into a large ball, and boiled in a beef stock

liver has a unique taste. In this form, you get the flavor without the texture of fried or grilled liver. Organ meat is looked down on now. But heart and liver were staple food not more than a generation ago. This was a great warmup.

Next  Mrs. Gang and I had some potato pancakes with applesauce

We get the big platter so there’s some to take home.

For my main course I had rouladen.

This is beef pounded flat. Then stuffed with pork belly, ground veal, chopped gherkin pickles, and onion which has all been smoked. This is slow roasted until it’s tender enough to crumble. It’s topped with a savory gravy and served with spatzle and red cabbage.

All this is accompanied with some fine beverages

For under $50 we feasted like kings. They have been here 50 years. They are holdouts from a bygone era.

Do you know any good out of the way spot to get some fine food?