Are you watching the new “True Detective”?

I’m a fucker for crime noir. I’m one of the many that loved Season 1, and one of the few that loved Season 2 of True Detective. So far, I’m into Episode 2 of Season 3 and it’s very interesting. Resonant of the first season, and yet a new creature unto its own.

I’ve always had respect for True Detective; it seems bent on bucking expectations, while trying to entertain and acquiesce to audience demands. It’s not easy, given the glut of existing crime fiction out there today. How do you tell a new story, that people can familiarise with in this day and age?


It feels like Season 3 is harping back to the goldrush of Season 1, but without leaning on the same tropes and structure as the McConaughey / Harrelson phenomenon. Ali is nailing it as a tormented vietnam vet, and I hope Stephen Dorff knocks it out of the park as the burned-out, yet trusty,  sidekick.


Fingers crossed…