Gay Sunday with Tammy Faye

Is Tammy Faye proof that God will give you cancer if you show kindness and compassion towards homosexuals? If you love the sinner but hate the sin?


Prosperity theology, extreme exhibitionism, and excess are normally not my bag–but Tammy Faye had another message.

A white trash hero because she did not act refined or show emotional restraint. She did not care about proper dictation or subdued dress. “A TV personality that refused to partake in the fine manners of her social betters”. Remind you of anyone else right now..? It’s not hard to understand why these types are beloved by disenfranchised America.

Tammy was one of the first Christian Evangelicals to show compassion for men dying of AIDS.

She used her reach and voice to help sick dying people that other Christians were cool with casting aside, ignoring, or actively ridiculing…because Jesus?

So HAPPY GAY SUNDAY TAMMY FAYE! You truly were a visionary. RIP!

(Jim Bakker may or may not have sucked a bunch of dong in prison)