Let’s have some fun!

“Hi. My name is Abigail. I use to be a famous internet dog icon, but now I just piss off my family and make the house smell like diarrhea. I enjoy shitting in my own fur and rubbing it on stuff. I also enjoy stealing food from babies, and waking my dad up at 5:45 every morning to take a piss and chill. He usually doesnt want to chill, so I just whine and bitch until he feeds me and bops me in the snout.. it’s kind of our thing. I also enjoy napping until my legs fall asleep and pretending that I’m paralyzed… eating until I vomit, and then scarfing my delicious upchucks. I’m a virgin… and my people tell me that I’m going to heaven plus. ….they also tell me they are tired of my shit, whatever that means.” – Abigail 16, 17, or 18 years old.

“Hey bitches, my name is Maxine. I’m a whores baby, born in a garbage dump… but I’m living the dream now. They call me the pocket puma because I may be small but I’ve got the heart of a lion… my hobbies including getting my ass scratched and riding your face. I run this shit. Dont even come at me unless you wanna eat this ass.” Maxine, 9 years old.