Missouri Tweaker Tales

Let me take you back to high school with me. The year is 2005.

We will not be having classes this morning. We will have an assembly in the gymnasium —everyone must attend.

The police force is waiting — full swat gear. Oh Sheeeet.

They announce. “We will do a mock drug raid. This is what it is like to be in a home raid.”

Loud music is blasted over the sound system. GET PUMPED.

*Raid theme song plays*

A makeshift house is assembled in the gym. The fake door is breached with a battering ram:

The fake door went down easier

Flash bombs are set off:

Then the smoke bombs:

…wait is this a raid or a rave? Am I having a seizure?

Lots of shouting and guns. Police in your face. GET DOWN GET DOWN. Okay. Definitely not a rave.

“If your parents cook meth …! This is what will happen to YOU!! So just go ahead and tell us right now if they are cookin’ or not.”

“If you aren’t snitching, go back to class.”

Well that was fucked up but…whatever you got out of class and getting out of class is almost better than meth.

…..Why bother teaching students essential life skills when they can partake in fear mongering police raids followed by hanging out with army recruiting officers.

man…I don’t miss high school.