New Version of The Stand Coming to CBS All Access

The Stand is one of Stephen King’s longest, but also most appreciated novels. The first addition was 800 pages and then years later a uncut edition was released that was about 1100. The Stand is a post-apocalyptic story where a virus kills 99% of people on Earth. I have a copy of the book at home, and even attempted to read it once, but only got about 100 pages in. I attempted it at a time, when I wasn’t a very loyal reader.

It looks that CBS is looking to take advantage of King’s resurgence with an adaptation of The Stand for their CBS All Access streaming service. There has been one adaptation of the novel that was released as a miniseries in 1994, but that was after a film version directed by George A. Romero failed to get off the ground.

Another attempt at a version of The Stand has been in development for several years now. Once again a film was planned that would likely become multiple movies. The idea Matthew McConaughey playing Randal Flagg first came up during this time, but he eventually played Flagg/The Man in Black in The Dark Tower. David Yates, Ben Affleck and Scott Cooper were all attached to the project at some point. Now its in the hands of Josh Boone, who directed The Fault in Our Stars.

CBS All Access already has Star Trek Discovery and they also announced yesterday that their reboot of The Twilight Zone from Jordan Peele would debut on the service on April 1 of this year. Now they can add The Stand to that list as well.