Deep Cut of the Day

Today’s deep cut comes from one of the biggest rock super groups of all time. The Traveling Wilburys. The project was stacked with top notch performers including George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison and Bob Dylan. The group released two albums. Roy Orbison died in between records so he wasn’t able to appear on the second. Each member of the band was given a nickname on the album letting on they were all “Wilbury” brothers.

Traveling Wilburys Vol 1. (followed by Vol 3. two years later) was originally just supposed to be one song that developed into a whole band and two albums. The group came together to record a song Handle With Care for a B-side and they decided to stick it out and write a full album. Handle With Care and End of the Line both were solid hits and still get a lot of radio airplay now.

The album was a massive success and gave some members of the band a second wind. Tom Petty and Bob Dylan both had a bit of a resurgence after the album came out.

This deep cut is called Congratulations and is sung mostly by Bob Dylan.

I grabbed this album for my dad for Christmas so I’ve been listening to it for the first time in a while. Its a great little breezy classic rock album.

Are you aware of the Traveling Wilburys? What is your favorite song?