I was shot in the left shoulder. I could feel the sting. How did I get to this point? Earlier I was skateboarding around on some old piece of wood. I had just crossed the street and decided to run by my old high school for no apparent reason that I could think of. But there it was on the street corner so I decided I should stop by. I entered a chain link fence and immediately there was my buddies old locker which for some reason I knew the combination to. So I opened it and looked into his backpack that was inside…..grabbed nothing and closed his locker. I then started to exist the chain link fence when the shots rang out. I took a hit in my shoulder. I could feel it but I didn’t have time to dwell on it I quickly took evasive action. I started moving left and right to avoid the cross hairs of my perpetrator. As I gained my barrings I looked up to see him only a few feet from me. A giant glowing purplish eye. I took a swing at him and connected. The pop on the connection was enough to send me flying off my pillow as I opened my eyes fully to see I had just smacked my reading LED light pretty fucking hard with my hand. It didn’t break thank god but god damn it… shouldn’t have been shooting at me to begin with. At night when I turn it off after reading in bed it still glows ever so slightly.