George Washington Carver

It’s black history month and everyone’s favorite Queen Of Spades is probably BIG TIME busy celebrating so I want to do my part.

One of my all time favorite badasses is GWC.

He did not invent peanut butter. His contributions to humanity were far greater than smashing up peanuts and eating them, which is to say pretty gd great.

-As a kid he walked 10 miles to school because the school closer to him was melanin challenged only. Such drive. Much resolve. Had he owned the kids Fitbit ace he would have won so many challenges.

-He had a secret garden. Just like that book but totally different. Badass!

-You couldn’t buy him. He gave *zero* shits about money. He rejected job offers from Thomas Edison.

-He only filed 3 patents on his products because he wanted them to be available to all people whoooaa Alexander Fleming. What a total power move!!!

-He gave peanut oil massages to people with polio. He hooked up FDR with some peanut oil too. #OILYGIRL

-Brilliant and hard af. He understood plants and what plants crave. He did much science …would have done more had he not been forced to spend half his time battling racist barriers.

-BBC status: unknown he was a devoutly religious man.