The Super Bowl Sucked Big Time

I don’t normally talk about anything football related because I’m Canadian and the only sport I like is hockey, but the Super Bowl is one of those events that you might as well watch if you’re not doing anything because there is absolutely nothing else on during the Super Bowl. I felt the need to talk about how terrible the whole event was this year.

First off, the game itself was so low scoring that it wasn’t really fun to watch at all, plus the Patriots were in it and everyone hates them except for the people who love them. If you watch for the commercials or movie trailers like I do there was absolutely no fun to be had there either with the exception of a cool little trailer for The Twilight Zone reboot.

Then the halftime show was probably the worst ever. I don’t hate Maroon 5, and it looked like they appeared to be playing their instruments, because most times the acts are just playing to a back track which always sounds terrible, but the dude in Maroon 5 could hardly carry a tune. I wasn’t aware of either of the rappers, but why ever have a rapper perform live ever? I’ve literally never seen a rapper perform well live, because none of them actually have a backing band.

Apparently the ratings were the lowest in 10 years. I’m not surprised.

Did you watch the Super Bowl?