If You Could Delete One Person From Existence Who Would it Be?

I was watching an episode of The Twilight Zone last night and in the episode there was a guy who was able to erase other people from existence. If he focused hard enough the person would just fade and cease to exist.

That got me thinking, if you could do this yourself, but you could only do it once, who would you remove from existence forever? If you wanted to be a real hero you could delete Hitler or someone who was responsible for killing many people or if you’re a bit selfish like me you could remove someone who has caused you a bit of hardship personally.

I would probably chose to delete the kid that always used to shut my computer off when I was working on something in high school. He did it at least 3 times over six years. Plus, his name was Aron with only one “a” so he deserves death for that reason as well.

If you could delete one person from existence who would it be?