Does God Give You Free Health Care?

Star of the reality TV series Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson and his family made a lot of people laugh in 2013 and then just sort of existed for the last 6 years. I’m sure you can still buy Duck Dynasty t-shirts in any Walmart in North America. You can probably bet money that if Billy Gibson or Dusty Hill dies that Phil will be the one to replace them in ZZ Top. I don’t know if he can play any instruments or not, but the beards are what matter in that band.

Robertson is in the news lately because of his comments on health care. He has said that Americans don’t need health care because they have “eternal health care” from God. So I guess his millions of dollars are worthless then. The Duck Dynasty people must have good genes if none of them has gotten cancer.

 “My view is simple: No government program whether healthcare, Social Security … can save you. It may put food in your belly at great expense, it may get you in the hospital at even greater expense, it may provide for you in the dog days of your life, but only one thing will and that’s Jesus.”

You here that. You better patch things up with Jesus because he’s the reason you die. We all need Jesus.

Does you love for God and Jesus give you eternal life?