Die Another Day

Die another day starts out business as usual for a Bond movie but

Bond gets captured.

(I love his cold shoulder look!!)

Oh. Shit!

Water boarded, stuck with hot iron…He is brutally tortured for over a year.

During this an electronic dance beat begins.

Here are some of the lyrics:

I’m gonna wake up

Yes, I know

I’m gonna kiss some part of

I’m gonna keep this secret

It only gets worse from there. Madonnas Die Another Day paired with torture and nude digital dancing fire/ice women is the audience getting their own taste of horror.

We suffer along side our hero.

Much like captive Bond we find ourselves asking

“When will this end?” “Has God forsaken me?” “Did I die ..is this hell?”

There isn’t enough mdma on the planet to make that song enjoyable.

So much editing her stuttering voice still haunts me.

Full on auditory assault.

Madonnas new butt: