Deep Cut of the Day

I’m not a big punk band guy. I’m not sure why I’m not really drawn to that type of music because there are a lot of influential albums in the genre, but one band I can sink my teeth into in The Replacements. They are sort of included in “post-punk” from the 80s, or alternative rock.

The peak of The Replacements creativity came in 1984 with Let it Be. My edgy comment of the day is that this is the best album called Let it Be. The Beatles can get fucked. Its hard to explain this album because it focuses a lot on some adolescent themes, but it still feels really mature, even if they have some songs that are intended to be a bit jokey. Its one of probably about 40 records that I have on vinyl.

The album is often in the conversation among the best albums of the 1980s. The more recognizable songs on the album is the single I Will Dare, a cover of the KISS song Black Diamond, Androgynous (which later became a single for the Crash Test Dummies, a band everyone has forgotten), and Unsatisfied, which is a common soundtrack song from films set in the 80s.

Today’s deep cut is one of the joke songs on the album called Gary’s Got a Boner. Ted Nugent gets a writing credit on this song and it may be because it just sounds a bit too much like Cat Scratch Fever.

Are you a fan of The Replacements? If so, what is your favorite song?