Episode IX Rumors

Making Star Wars has collected a few little rumors surrounding the Episode IX production. Its still being filmed but I’d guess that it’ll be close to wrapping within the next month or so. Making Star Wars is always considered to be a good source for Star Wars so we have a few little tidbits that they’ve collected that you may find interesting. There could be somethings here that could be considered spoilers so if you don’t want to read on that’s fine.

  • Its been said that Lando Calrissian’s role in the story will not be a big one. The size of his role is compared to Maz Kanata’s in The Force Awakens. He’s a character that our heroes meet in order to obtain the MacGuffin of the story. He’s dressed in a yellow shirt not unlike the bright yellow shirt that Donald Glover wore in Solo. He’ll have a blue cape and a cane as well. Not a surprise since Billy Dee Williams uses a cane in real life. If this rumor is to be believed Lando probably won’t be involved with the Resistance if they have to find him somewhere.
  • Rey’s hair is similar to the look it had in The Force Awakens
  • There is a helmeted character that appears to be female and could be Keri Russell’s character. Maybe she’s a Knight of Ren?
  • C-3P0 was seen holding Chewbacca’s bandolier and Rey’s staff. I’d guess this is a moment played for comedy, but I don’t want to see C-3P0 in combat, that’d be too goofy.
  • There’s a new character using a bow that appears to be affiliated with the Resistance that is likely Naomi Ackie’s character.

Again, take these with a grain of salt, but those are some cool little rumors that are surrounding the Episode IX camp right now.