Canadian Legends: Larry Enticer

I decided it may be time to start a new segment on TGO. Since I appear to be the only Canadian author on the site I thought I’d take some time to talk about what is cool in Canada. While a lot of the stuff that is cool in America is cool here too there are a few things that are awesome in Canada that people in other countries maybe wouldn’t get.

Today’s Canadian hero is Larry Enticer, a Youtube and complete daredevil. Larry is known for his many jumps on a snow mobile and his Billy Ray mullet that has been irrelevant for at least 25 years. His snow mobile is a 1979 Yamaha and he makes most of his jumps in the famous Canadian tuxedo. All denim, all the time.

Here’s a few of Larry’s best jumps.

Larry even popularized his own saying “just gonna send it”. Its one of those terms you hear so often in Canada that it makes you want to shoot yourself.

Have you heard of Larry Enticer? Or is he just another Canadian legend?