How Do You Pass Your Time at the DMV/Passport Office?

I took a two hour road trip to the passport office yesterday. If you apply for a passport in person it means you’ll get it a little faster so I took some time on my day off to hand it in. I may be doing some travelling next month so I’d prefer to have a passport as soon as possible. As most things to do with flying, if you don’t have the application filled out right you’re fucked and you have to do it over. Its a real pain in the ass and its probably worse in the States because they’re even more paranoid about what may happen on a plane.

So my wait in the passport office was much like the DMV. It was a long wait in an overstuffed room with probably about 20 with numbers higher than me. I stupidly forgot to bring headphones so I couldn’t listen to music and no one sitting near me was friendly enough to talk to. One guy walked away and sat at another seat when I tried to start a conversation with him. Fuck me I guess.

Fortunately enough when I got to the desk they accepted the application. After days of checking it over  it turned out I did a good job. Then I got to go to the record store and fuck around there for an hour doing something I wanted to do.

How to you spend your long waits at the DMV or passport office? Do you bring some music and chill out or do you jack off and get kicked out by the 70 year old man who works security at places like that?