I Finally Saw The Predator

If you can still remember, a Predator movie came out last year. It got pretty bad reviews from critics and fans seemed to be genuinely disappointed in it as well. Since I’m not a huge fan of the property (I’ve only seen the first movie, which I’m told in the only good one) so I figured I’d wait until bluray to finally check it out.

For as messy as this movie is I don’t really hate it. Maybe I just don’t have enough history with the franchise to really be that disappointed with it. A Shane Black Predator movie should really be great in theory. Black was in the first movie as an actor and he’s been a screenwriter on some good action movies in the past, but the mix doesn’t go together that well. The Predator sometimes wants to be a Shane Black movie with really jokey dialogue and then sometimes it wants to be a Predator movie. I don’t know if this can be blamed on Black himself or Fox because I think there were some pretty extensive reshoots on this movie.

I was happy with most of the action. Those type of sequences are never as good at home as they are in the theater, but I thought a lot of the fighting was decent. As was the opening moments of the movie.

I found that the cast did everything they can although the characters do some pretty stupid things. Especially the kid. I thought the dude from Narcos did a decent job as the lead. The gay guy from Moonlight was good. Olivia Munn is hot, but she’s not much of an actress and I think the villain would’ve been cool in a better movie, because I do think Sterling K. Brown is sort of trying to do something new. Keegan Michael Key is pretty much only there to make vagina jokes. I really like Thomas Jane too, but he didn’t have a lot to do in this.

I thought there were some good laughs, but there are some jokes that a really dumb. The whole “eat my pussy” scene is pretty cringey. So are all the autistic jokes. Plus, the kid was only autistic when it benefitted the story, otherwise he was pretty much a normal kid.

The ending baits a sequel pretty hard, and weirdly enough I wouldn’t really mind seeing one if they could make a few adjustments. I almost want to see Shane Black get another chance. I’d probably give this movie a 5/10. Its not very good, if you wanted to tear it to shreds you could, but it was watchable enough in my opinion.