Is the Johnson Trilogy Still Happening?

We learned before the release of The Last Jedi that Rian Johnson was going to take on his own Star Wars trilogy involving new worlds and characters. He would write and direct the first installment and probably had the option of being more involved in the other two as well. At the time of the announcement many fans thought “if they’re given him more movies then that means The Last Jedi must be awesome” and it appeared that Johnson was going to have power that no one had in the Star Wars galaxy since George Lucas.

Then the movie came out and divided everyone. For those who didn’t like the movie Johnson certainly took most of the blame and in the last few months, after lengthy debate about The Last Jedi there are some questions about whether the trilogy of movies will actually happen.

Rian Johnson is currently working on another project called Knives Out a crime movie that was originally expected to be his last film before he starts work on his Star Wars trilogy. However, it seems like Disney hasn’t been talking about Johnson’s trilogy at all. Bob Iger has mentioned the Benioff and Weiss films a few times, but there is very little about the Johnson trilogy which was actually announced first. Knives Out has completed filming so you would think that work on Johnson’s trilogy shouldn’t be that far away, but there is almost nothing said about release dates or when pre-production may start.

Johnson himself hasn’t talked about Star Wars for a few months. There has been no updates on how the work is progressing. So it makes me wonder if Disney decided to pull the plug on the project after the backlash that was brought on by The Last Jedi.

There are some things I love about The Last Jedi and things I don’t, but I want to see a Johnson trilogy. Mostly because that way he can create his own characters from the ground up instead of trying to subvert expectations with characters that were already established. A lot of the problems with The Last Jedi had to do with Luke, and without any legacy characters to remain loyal to then Johnson shouldn’t be criticized for the direction he goes with the characters.

Regardless of whether he continues with Star Wars or not I think Rian Johnson is a great filmmaker and he’ll continue to do great work whether its in the Star Wars galaxy or not.

Do you think the Rian Johnson trilogy is still happening or has Disney secretly cancelled it?

UPDATE: Some new news has hit which basically makes this whole article irrelevant, which seems to happen a lot to me. Rian Johnson has clarified on Twitter that he is still doing work on the trilogy.