Force Friday is October 4th

The term “Force Friday” has been given to the day that all the new Star Wars toys drop prior to the new movie. Some of these toys give us a few hints about what may happen in the movie, although I think most of the spoilery toys are saved until after the film. I don’t think you could’ve got a Force projection Luke until The Last Jedi came out.

This year’s Force Friday is on October 4th and his is the list of toys that are available.

  • Episode IX toys.
  • Toys from The Mandalorian, which basically tells us that we probably aren’t going to see the show released prior to this date, but who knows.
  • Toys from the upcoming game Jedi: Fallen Order

Collecting toys is an avenue of Star Wars fandom that I’ve never really gotten into. Much like the games, but if toys are your cup of tea then you may want to hit up Walmart or Target on the 4 of October.

Do you have a lot of Star Wars toys? Where to do you keep them?