Random images from my files

I thought it might be fun to pick 5 – 10 random images off of my computer and try to explain.


This appears to be Batman, stroking his chin to completion. No explanation required, I guess.


Ok, 2 GIFs in a row. I think this is from that famous Tom Cruise movie, Footloose.


3rd GIF, and it looks like we are cleared for takeoff.


This was supposed to be the Christmas gift of the year a few years back. I think I turned it into a callous handicapped child meme.


I actually have most of my advertisements on a thumb drive, but this one is also on my desktop. It insinuates that instead of driving a Toyota Prius, you may just want to go ahead and fuck a sheep. Sheep 5, Prius 2.



Hey! It’s the most recent TGO Christmas card! Bulgingsnake Plisskin? Winning.


I think this was a clip taken from MC Chris’ Boba the Fett. I bet she gives great helmet.

Al Franken.jpg

This is a U.S. Senator. I can’t even make this shit up.


I’m Barry. Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

Kylo Ren.gif

I think Adam Driver should put the mask back on. Just sayin.

Pick a few random images form your computer or phone and post them below.