More Juicy Episode IX Rumors

Filming is now done on Episode IX. I expect that means we get the title for the film just about any time now. Probably before the end of February and the trailer is very likely to debut at Star Wars Celebration.

So as expected we had a few more rumors leak out. This time on Reddit, which as I’ve said before isn’t a very reliable site for rumors, but this came from the moderator of the site so that may bring a bit more weight to these rumors when its not just some random guy posting them. So you can read these rumors and take them with a grain of salt or just completely ignore them if you’re worried about SPOILERS. Here is the list of rumors. Most of them are pretty detailed and they are said to originate from concept art, so some of them could have been considered and then scrapped before production happened.

  • Luke and Leia will appear in multiple flashbacks. One scene is said to include a scene where they are discussing Jedi training, probably for Ben Solo or Leia herself. Its unclear if these scenes were shot using Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher themselves and they were de-aged or if they will be using other actors not unlike what was done in Rogue One with Leia and Tarkin. Han Solo doesn’t appear based on this source, but that of course be proven false, as could this whole scenario.
  • Leia’s role in the film is compared to the size of her appearance in The Force Awakens or possibly even smaller. These flashback appearances make Leia more present in the film since they were likely limited by the amount of footage they could use for Carrie Fisher.
  • There are some red storm troopers in the film. There was already a red trooper used in the book Phasma named Cardinal, but none have been seen in live action. There is no word on what their function will be.
  • Nein Numb will be back in a larger role than the previous two movies.
  • The Knights of Ren will appear, which isn’t a surprise since they were JJ’s brain child in the first place. Some of them will use the same weapons that were shown in their short appearance in The Force Awakens.
  • Keri Russell’s character will be a bounty hunter with unknown alliances. Her costume is purple and gold and the design is said to resemble Zam Wesell from Attack of the Clones.
  • Naomi Ackie’s character is Finn’s sister. Hmmm. Not sure how I feel about this one, but again there is no guarantee these rumors are true.
  • It was said in a previous rumor that C-3P0 will have a scene where he is holding weapons (originally said to be Rey’s staff, Chewie’s bandolier) but he may be just holding them and not actually taking part in combat. I think it’d be pretty goofy if he was, but who knows? It could be good for a laugh or two as well.

So there’s all the new rumors coming from the Episode IX production. Feel free to speculate at your own risk. There is no reason to confirm or deny any of these claims yet. The moderator claimed that this information came from a source who has given him information that proved to be true in the past.